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portland massage therapist donovan monroe

A Former Massage Therapist

I started my massage career in the summer of 1999 after attending the Shiatsu Massage School of California. By that time I had many years of massage experience working with my mother. Having a natural ability to heal is a great foundation for becoming a massage therapist, but there are better tools a formal massage education can provide to help a person become a true professional within the field of massage therapy.

After just over 16 years in practice as a massage therapist, I decided in December of 2015 to close my professional doors for good. Instead, I am dedicating my time to technical writing and education for the field of massage therapy. 

A Massage CEU Instructor

Becoming a massage instructor has been a natural progression since I started my education in the field of massage therapy. I assisted my teachers throughout my schooling and was offered a teaching position upon graduating. I now teach massage continuing education classes or massage CEU in various subjects ranging from intermediate to advanced studies. I am also the creator of the MBLEx Practice Test hosted  on Tests.com

An Ambient Music Artist

My first passion in life is music. I began learning the violin in the first grade and moved to clarinet by the third and a few years after that I learned to play the guitar.  I compose ambient music created specifically for healing environments that include massage therapy, acupuncture, yoga, meditation and relaxation. To learn more please visit: Drifting Into Bliss