Portland Massage Therapy

Massage Techniques

By Donovan Monroe

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Japanese for fingertip pressure. Also known as acupressure. Both are interpretations of the Chinese art of Acupuncture, minus the needles. I hold a Shiatsu Practitioner Certification from the Tao Healing Arts Center in Santa Monica, CA

Deep Tissue

This technique is great for relieving stubborn tension patterns and other chronic soft tissue issues. The focus is on firm pressure to release tension throughout the entire musculature. Deep tissue massage can be dangerous so there is great importance to find a well trained and experienced therapist.

Craniosacral Therapy

Craniosacral therapy was first developed in 1899 by William Garner Sutherland. The client is place into a supine or face up position during this technique. The craniosacral therapist will tune into the cranial sacral rhythms of the client and assist with allowing the cerebrospinal fluid to move freely through pathways within the head, neck and spine.

Cupping Massage

A modified variant of cupping therapy commonly used in TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine). Glass or plastic cups are used to create a suction or negative pressure (this is a good thing) and then glided over muscles and adhesions. The resulting sensation is similar to deep tissue massage. This highly effective massage modality addresses deeper layers of connective and muscle tissue. Great for fibromyalgia, chronic pain, scar tissue, cellulite and draining excess fluids and toxin.


Designed to relax and relieve overall tension with long, gentle strokes. Also increases blood flow and facilitates proper lymphatic flow. Excellent when coupled with Hot Stones. Per Henrik Ling (b: 15 November 1776 - d: 3 May 1839) as a physical therapist, developed a series of techniques referred to as medical-gymnastics to help restore health to his patients. The Dutch practitioner Johan Georg Mezger applied French names to a simplified set of 5 strokes from the medical-gymnastic catalog which became effleurage, petrissage, tapotement, friction and vibration which are the foundation of Swedish massage techniques. The term Swedish massage is only used in the US and is the Swedish techniques known as “classic massage” throughout the worl.

Hot Stone Therapy

Basalt stones with a wonderfully smooth finish are heated and applied with care to areas of congestion. Tight, sore, achy muscles will melt away.

Myofascial Release

John Barnes, PT is the grandfather of myofascial release. He developed his unique approach to bodywork in the 1960’s and began teaching his techniques to the world during the 1970’s. His dedication and insights into the world of physical therapy and massage therapy has enriched both communities and his techniques of myofascial release therapy has inspired thousands since first introduced. 

Pregnancy Massage

Structural discomfort and muscle spasms are expected during pregnancy. Massage is an excellent way to cope with the added stress.

Sports and Medical Massage

Athletes and weekend warriors, you are not invincible! Take proper care of yourselves to ensure a long, healthy life. Been involved in an accident or currently on workers' compensation? I am qualified to provide excellent massage therapy for proven results.